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Compatible Games

Games, books and augmented reality (AR) experiences from Things Entertainment adapt to how YOU want to use them. Our products are compatible with easy use features of your phone or tablet. For example, if your phone offers landscape and portrait, our games and books support landscape and portrait. If your tablet has a feature to read text aloud, Things Entertainment games and books can be read this way. Games and books like this are more fun for more people to play together in more situations!

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Invitation: Follow along as we get set up!

We are a 2017 startup that makes games, mixed reality experiences and interactive fiction books. You are invited to follow along as we get set up:

Accessible Games

Have you experienced games that didn't work for you or didn't work for some of your friends? You'll be able to count on games and experiences from Things Entertainment to follow and go beyond accessibility standards. At Things Entertainment, accessibility is a core value.

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