Mission Statement

Our mission is to bring joy and shared experiences to players around the globe by infusing implementations of the latest technologies with fresh creative entertainment ideas, learning from the great entertainment companies of the past, and using accessibility to bring players together.


Things Entertainment makes games, mixed reality experiences and interactive fiction books. Our first game will be released for iOS in 2023.

Current Research Activities

We explored an initial set of augmented reality accessibility techniques through a demo application. We are now developing a refined set of techniques and a second more extensive set of demo applications for further research.

Our current research focuses primarily on making augmented reality work well for those with visual impairments and those with severe to profound cognitive disabilities.

If you or people you know may be interested in participating in related research studies, email Things Entertainment.

An iPad on a stand is angled down to point at a conference exhibit table. The screen of the iPad shows the table covered with a green cartoon field. On this field there are two really silly 3D demo cows (each cow is just two white spheres combined together with black spots). Also shown: headphones, iPhone, business cards, branded flip book, and branded candies.