"I'm concerned about integrity of the issue surrounding low vision accessibility"

Here is some information about our games/augmented reality and some anticipated questions regarding our accessibility.

Every Things Entertainment game or experience is mainstream and designed for the average casual gamer. Our design and coding philosophy means that we will follow accessibility standards during production.

Can we guarantee that everyone on earth can play?

No. We wish we could though.

Are we considering visual, auditory, mobility and cognitive disabilities throughout every phase of production?


Is this Social Entrepreneurship to benefit People with Disabilities?

No. This is a game company, whose founder happens to have a background in accessibility. Things Entertainment's objective is to create fun experiences and, by doing so, earn customers.

The idea behind the accessibility is that this type of design and development makes better experiences for everyone, increases the number of potential customers, and creates more fans because of the increase in groups of people who can then share in the experiences together.

Is this Social Entrepreneurship to improve technology?

A little bit. It would be great to illustrate the statement just above with data. But, mainly, this is a game company to create fun experiences.

Will we conduct full research studies prior to releases?


Will we seek feedback/research and share results, good or bad?


Will we share our internal structure and how we are creating the games?

No. We're a for-profit company that plans to behave competitively. We will share techniques, though, possibly through a Twitch stream, if we can make it accessible enough.