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Accessible Business Cards

One of our values is a commitment to accessibility and, for business cards, this means Braille, large print, and reduced glare.

One Card for All

We wanted one card format that would work well for people generally, rather than having different formats. This way people could take a card without answering questions about their reading preferences, and could later share the card with others if desired.

"[holding up card at end of discussion]
And, I love your business cards!"
— Propelify Participant


We chose folded cards with the fold on the left side. The front panel and inside left panel have a light brown background to reduce glare. These panels are printed with black text.

The cards use a few print sizes. Some of the text is actually "large print" and all of the text is at least somewhat larger and bolder than usual business card text:

Name 20 point bold
Address 14 point bold
Email address 18 point bold
Website address 14 point bold
Phone number 18 point bold


The inside right panel and the back panel have interpoint Braille. This means that the Braille is printed on both sides of the paper in a way that the dots from the different sides don't interfere with each other.

There is room for eight lines of Braille with 13 characters each. The inside right panel includes name, title and phone number. The back has the email address, which we hope also conveys the company URL.

"Is this Braille? Oh, because of the accessibility in your games?
[examining the Braille]
That's so cool."
— TechDay NY Participant


The Braille panels are white to avoid a cracked ink look on the fold of the card or on the Braille dots.

A design element from our logo, a black line representing a sketch of the ground in a video game, is present across the bottom all of the panels to unify the design.

National Braille Press printed the cards. Nicole Noble and Whitney Mooney were extremely helpful in the whole process and helped to ensure quality.

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a simple black line, hinting at being the ground with tufts of grass
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