"Can you provide at least information about the genre and other basic materials about the game you're working on?"

Delighted to. Thanks for asking.

First game

Our first game is for iPhone and iPad initially and takes place in a two-dimensional world viewed from the side. The closest genres would probably be hidden object and puzzle. It was inspired by something from the designer's past and is not an imitation of any other game type.

Second game

Our second game is an augmented reality adventure initially for iPhone and iPad. The original concept was an experience for the casual gamer who wants to see what augmented reality is like while also having some fun—the type of game you would open at a family gathering and say, "Look at this augmented reality".

However, the concept design, game play design and narrative have developed much further now. So, while it will still be a friendly introduction to accessible augmented reality, it will also be a full adventure game with a storyline and multiple outcomes depending on player actions. We can't wait for you to see it and have set a release date in 2020!

This game will not require a headset or viewer of any type and it will not encourage using phones up close to the face.

Third game

Our third game is in concept design now, and will be a sandbox game. We are considering either Windows or xBox as the intial release platform, and will begin proof-of-concept coding summer 2019.